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HELIOFELIS supports companies on PROGRESS OF CONDUCT missions.

Consultancy The employees professionally committed are the vectors of the progress within the company However placed in the same are conditions some highly committed and happy professionals while others do their job properly without conviction or enthusiasm.

The difference is based on three key factors. Managers and most committed employees:

• Give sense to their work and contribution to their company. They have an exciting career plan, have a rewarding view of their job and and have confidence in their skills.

• know how to demonstrate their independence. Within the framework of their mission and their objectives, they define their area of freedom and creativity.

• establish relations based on cooperation, synergy and emulation more than competition.

• feel the need to constantly progress. They are curious, questionning themselves, involved and looking to expand in line with the meaning given to their job.

• know that pleasure enhances performance and productivity, and not the reverse.