Self marketing: 2 days

Provide a coherent and relevant meaning to its career

Set a professional life project and give an exciting way his career
Discover the conditions under which best express her talents
To review their professional values
Calibrate the degree of responsibility and autonomy appropriate to its project
Assess their personal development needs and career success

Put self career under control

The three types of driving a career: voluntary, opportunist, stress
Take more control of his professional life
Increase its degree of autonomy in his post
Improve its position in the professional sphere
Achieve its goals, overcome obstacles

Weaving a stimulating and friendly relationship network

Weaving a stimulating and friendly professional relationship network
Know how to pick allies, supports, sponsors and mentors
How to link the pleasant with the useful within its network
Mobilize energies promoting solidarity (mutual aid)

Strengthen self marketing

Taking the measure of his talents and contributions
Exceed syndrome “rather erased or rebel qu’obséquieux”
To assert its expertise with simplicity
Learn to talk about yourself with ease
Build his pitch: put himself forward without arrogance
Building Your Development Plan

Measure the way to go to achieve its objectives
Set goals for progress
Be aware of all the skills development methods
Building Your Development Plan
Knowing how to present internally its development plan