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Find Your ikigai

Define its Talent Signature or the source of iits ntrinsic motivation that can be placed in its work is essential to professional success.
In Japan, Ikigai is the French equivalent of “reason for being “. According to Japanese everyone has his own hidden ikigai. Finding it requires patient and deep self listening. Such research is considered extremely important, because finding its own ikigai will bring happiness the real eason for life.

2. Discover Your Strengths

The Gallup test reveals five of your greatest professional qualities. The MBTI indicator will help you identify your profile. Your strengths are your points of support to progress and succeed in the business.

3- Build a developpment plan:

– Increase your autonomy and your responsability area: the pro-activity feeling reduces stress, increases energ and the desire for action
– Identify the best techniques and methods to achieve its development ambitions
– Learning to learn faster and more effectively to achieve its development ambitions