First axis: building on the strengths of the individual, of the management, of the team, and of the organization

Our interventions are based on the results of studies in Positive Psychology and the Appreciative Inquiry approach.

1 – look for strengths and intrinsic motivation of individuals in the organization, the highest achievements of the teams, the key success factors for organizations using a method of high impactquestioning .
2 – identify development ambitions. Creativity techniques, from the more serious to the funniest, make it possible to express the scope for progress.
3 – develop an action plan or development plan. Development ambitions, dreams that have been formulated during the second stage are set as accessible targets. The actions for its implementation are listed and prioritized.
4 – maintain progress and changes over time. The terms of sustainability of progress action are defined by the clients, the participants or the coached individuals previously-applied over time.

Second axis: from the individual to advance the collective

“This is not the torrent learning to swim, it is the desire to move in the water.”

Heliofelis task advances Organizations by first accompanying the progress of the people.